13.4.13 09:11


meteorite Chebarkul

The meteorite had fallen in Chebarkul lake shocking people in the areas near by with its fall and after shock waves. This happening was most frightening for children and elderly . Above is the video of depicted fall and after shock waves of this cosmic body. Scientists named it after the place it fell into.

26.2.13 10:27

quiet Sunday

I have talked to couple friend on Skype and cooked some good food. I have also replyed on couple e-mails. There is a lot of things that is happening to and around me that could be nerve wracking. But surprisingly I take it easy. Maybe because I have been through so much as my friend told me on Skype, that this is just an other set of problems that I will make through. It is always soothing to hear that your friends are with you and give you support even though they are far away. Dearest friends, I am sending you my care and wish you sweet dreams. Cheers

3.2.13 23:53

21.1.13 20:40

The movies with Will Ferrell


Love them, some time ago I watched movie "The other guys" and lately my life is more and more start to look like this story in the movie about the 2 cops. They try so hard to do right but unexpectedly keep getting cought by excidents that are fixed for them to keep them off the case.

*today's update: I love the movie

12.12.12 22:27

I just watched The Dark Crystal

I remember watcing the movie for the 1st time, I had a difficult time to make out anything out of the movie, but I think I also was very tired that day. Well today I am tired too, but for some reason the movie makes so much sense now.
10.12.12 22:04

i stick to nokia

i know that there are a lot of new handies came out and everyone got an itching hand for it. But i prefer actual buttons that i have control over. i mean bad enough with all the GPS:s touch screen, you never can get the address right, cause it keeps hanging up while you touch with finger tips, and letting go when on the 3rd touch try producing names of the towns/streets that are even unreadable. So, you get what i mean. I want to be able to send or call to a person i am trying to reach not to someone i do not know. I got new nokia, but still it was more advanced version that i am used to. It took me the whole day, but now i am pleased with knowing more. The link with menu in Pdf format, it is so useful: 


9.12.12 21:34

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