Det är snudd på ohållbart i förskolans värld

in reference to the blog 30.6.19 i found a swedish article that was published not long ago in a journal förskolan the atricle worns about too big groups of children and preschool teachers haveing too litle time for all the expected demands,...”Vi får se hur länge jag håller”

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theory of mind, ToM. Uppfattning om andra varelsers medvetande, reflektion om att både man själv och andra har samma typ av medvetande. Termen theory of mind i denna betydelse infördes 1978 av de amerikanska psykologerna David Premack och Guy Woodruff i en artikel där de frågade sig om schimpanser har en uppfattning (theory) om att de andra i flocken har ett medvetande liksom de själva.ToM

I guess människor börjar att utveckla reflektioner om andra människors medvetande under stadiet 3 men följande video visar närmare stadiet 4 i deras Psykosocial utveckling

att se video

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Theory of Mind: The ability to attribute mental states – beliefs, knowledge, intents, desires, and so on – to others.
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How does socio-cultural context influence development?

Development of course involves a process of learning and improvement, and children can only learn when others are there to support them, like parents, teachers and siblings. This does not conflict with Piaget’s stage theory but does extend it to explain how some of the environmental experiences that children receive can allow them to move from one stage to another, in line with Vygotsky’s socio-cultural approach.

In regards to the post too big groups too litle time

interpriting the describtion of the case as it is written down in the blog add 1.6.19, this is an alarming situation- when a pedagogue is left with too many children that can not even wash their hand on their own because they are so young, ofcourse

It is important to realise that every childgroup in preschool develops it's own socio- cultural context, where children forget to respect each other because they are simply not able to recognise this concept from high level of stress that occures in the preschool environment because of staff shortage

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...Clouds still leave a shadow between 2 people

Ah! The "I love you" words It's not enough to kiss (.¨)「 マリーゴールド ( 金盞花 ) 」- あいみょん 【中日歌詞】
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